Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Readymade eCommerce Website Portal for Sales and Deals

Shopaze Deals in India:

We provide Readymade eCommerce Website Portal for Sales and Deals in India. We know you would not like to miss this opportunity as it benefits you in showcasing this recognition to your services and products buyer, which will influence their decision making to buy your services. This recognition will also help you use in all your Marketing activity and will add more credibility to your services, which will have a thousand fold effect on your business.

  1. Shopaze Logo in Admin login & Inner 
  2. When created Vendor but no provision of pwd suppose email goes in spam. (Optn in Edit to Show pwd in Admin )
  3. 15 days later account unable to login & how Admin can extend it.
  4. What emailer template going with password to Vendor
  5. Also Require Company name when Add vendor
  6. Active & Deactive Drop Down, How it work after Free 15 days Demo
  7. In Left Side Menu When Click then SubMenu Closed But Its should open As per Div under link (Collapse Feature)
  8. How i can check Free Demo emailer with Subject Line & content
  9. In Front:  htaccess not working  http://shopaze.com/product.php?catId=23&subCatId=74
  10. Filter Still Showing Repeated left side
  11. Right JQuery "15 Days Free Demo" & enquiry come in email & DB discuss  with me
  12. Marquee running, this portal product are not sale. Point No-22
  13. http://shopaze.com/product-detail.php?proid=349&catid=23&subcatid=70   why are showing watch in similar products
  14. http://shopaze.com/check-out.php?proid=349  remove 1st Signin & Login & Forgot pwd correct design & functionality not working
  15. In Top Searching Suggestion list is Too Long ref. FlipKart
  16. In Cart Amount not showing http://shopaze.com/cart.php , Plz chi Complete Order Process in COD
  17. in Popup Login it should Forgot Password
Really appreciate if you could let me know your interest to take this forward or please let me know if i need to connect with someone else in your company for the same.